Great circle distance

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Find the distance in kilometres between two points on the surface of the earth. This is just the sort of problem stored functions were made for. For a first order approximation, ignore deviations of the earth's surface from the perfectly spherical. Then the distance in radians is given by a number of trigonometric formulas. ACOS and COS behave reasonably:

             COS(lat1-lat2)*(1+COS(lon1-lon2)) - COS(lat1+lat2)*(1-COS(lon1-lon2))
rads = ACOS( --------------------------------------------------------------------- )

We need to convert degrees latitude and longitude to radians, and we need to know the length in km of one radian on the earth's surface, which is 6378.388. The function:

set log_bin_trust_function_creators=TRUE;

  DECLARE pi, q1, q2, q3 FLOAT;
  SET pi = PI();
  SET lat1 = lat1 * pi / 180;
  SET lon1 = lon1 * pi / 180;
  SET lat2 = lat2 * pi / 180;
  SET lon2 = lon2 * pi / 180;
  SET q1 = COS(lon1-lon2);
  SET q2 = COS(lat1-lat2);
  SET q3 = COS(lat1+lat2);
  SET rads = ACOS( 0.5*((1.0+q1)*q2 - (1.0-q1)*q3) ); 
  RETURN 6378.388 * rads;

-- toronto to montreal (505km):
select geodistkm(43.6667,-79.4167,45.5000,-73.5833);
| geodistkm(43.6667,-79.4167,45.5000,-73.5833) |
|                           505.38836669921875 |

(Setting log_bin_trust_function_creators is the most convenient way to step round determinacy conventions implemented since 5.0.6.)

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