Group data by datetime periods

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To group rows by a time period whose length in minutes divides evenly into 60, use this formula:

GROUP BY ((60/periodMinutes) * HOUR( thistime ) + FLOOR( MINUTE( thistime ) / periodMinutes ))

where thistime is the TIME column and periodMinutes is the period length in minutes. So to group by 15-min periods, write ...

GROUP BY ( 4 * HOUR( thistime ) + FLOOR( MINUTE( thistime ) / 15 ))

A simpler application of the same logic works for hours. For example, list data by three-hour periods:

CREATE TABLE t(t time,i int);
INSERT INTO t VALUES('01:01:01',1),('02:02:02',2),('05:05:05',5);

GROUP BY period;
| period | i    |
|      0 | 1,2  |
|      1 | 5    |

And the same logic works for months ...

GROUP BY ((12/periodMonths) * YEAR( thisdate ) + FLOOR( MONTH( thisdate ) / periodMonths ))

It could be made to work for weeks with a function that maps the results of WEEK() to the range 1...52.

When the desired grouping period is a value returned by a MySQL date-time function, matters become simpler: just group by the desired value. Thus to group by weeks, write ..

GROUP BY WEEK( datecol)

You can also Group By an expression like

  CEIL( TIME_TO_SEC( TIMEDIFF( timestamp1, timestamp2 )) / (60*60) )

modifying the denominator to suit.

If there is no expression invoking a MySQL date-time function that returns the desired grouping period, you will need to write your own stored function.

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