AaMouse is a complete plug-and-play mouse library for CA-Clipper 5.2d/e or Clipper 5.01a running on DOS under a pre-Win2000 version of Windows (a backward-compatible version for Clipper 5.01a is included with the shipped product). Simply by including aamouse.ch in your source files, and inserting the command SET MOUSE ON at the top of your main procedure, your Gets and your AChoice and Menu To menus come alive to a live mouse cursor (graphical except under Windows 2000). By adding key words like CheckBox, Radio, DropField, Button or Memo to selected Gets, you obtain graphical checkbox, radio button, pushbutton, listbox and windowed memo Gets. By inserting a couple of lines of code in your tBrowses, you get data-aware mouse controls including vertical and horizontal scrollbars. Plus: callable hourglass and I-beam mouse cursor, true wait-state management, other custom Gets, full support for protected-mode linking with both Blinker and ExoSpace.

AaMouse for Clipper 5.2: $99 US.
AaMouse upgrade for Clipper 5.2: $50 US.
Requirements: Clipper 5.2d/e, Blinker 6.

Artful Gold

Artful Gold is a complete database application development environment for Clipper 5.2d/e running on DOS under a pre-Win2000 version of Windows. Its IDE has a Project Manager, Application Dictionary Manager, Data Dictionary Manager, Forms and Browse Designer, Menu Designer, and all the utilities you need for managing database projects and all their component files.

Artful Gold's IDE executable DictMan.Exe has a wealth of tools for managing all kinds of DBFs, application dictionaries and data dictionaries, and it includes Artful's famous pulldown menu designer DPD, which not only designs menus but generates template-driven Clipper 5.2 code. DictMan also has several database drivers within it - DbfNtx, Six3, Comix, DbfMdx, FlexFile, and Advantage's Netware-compatible versions of DbfNtx and SixCdx drivers - and while you need the rest of Artful Gold to manage projects or generate code or make executables, you'll find DictMan invaluable as a tool by itself: it'll surely give you a feel for what's possible in Artful Gold. Ask for a free copy of DictMan now!

Artful Gold's Forms Designer, Browse Designer and Menu Designers are template-driven, and the template language is Clipper 5 itself! So you can easily customise generated code, and you can retain custom code from version to version without having to cut and paste!

Database drivers supported include: Advantage DbfCdx, Advantage DbfNtx, Comix, DbfCdx, DbfMdx, DbfCdx, FlexFile, SixCdx. In Artful Gold these are really plug 'n play - either from the dictionary manager or from the application itself you can change drivers for any table by just clicking on a button! Database driver support is so transparent, you can switch the driver for a database file while the application is running!

Artful Gold includes more than 1600 functions in library and source form, all of which you can use to drive your multi-user applications. It includes automatic support for full mouse functionality (DOS/Win31/Win95/WinNT/OS/2) complete with graphcal mouse cursors, and for protected-mode linking. A very large and full Norton Guide is included.

The final version of Artful Gold is 1.18.

Artful Gold function list

Artful Gold, single-programmer, disk-only: $99
Artful Gold Upgrade from earlier version, disk-only: $50

Clipper version required: 5.2d or 5.2e

Artful/AaMouse FAQs

Limiting CPU idle activity under Windows 95 98 or NT in Artful Gold applications

Windows configuration for applications linked with Artful Gold or AaMouse


A public domain Norton Guide viewer for Windows by Foray Fabrice. .

Clipper functions for sin, cos, arcSin, arcCos, distance between two points on the earh's surface